“I would highly recommend Eve for any young child interested in starting a string instrument. She takes her craft seriously, and meets children where they are to make learning both fun and effective.” – Abby Williams, parent


Beyond an education in music, learning an instrument nourishes an individual’s character and instills a life-long love of learning. I teach private and group Suzuki lessons out of my home studio in Jamaica Plain for ages 4 and up. Individual lessons occur weekly for 30, 45, or 60 minutes and group class for all students occurs monthly. As a teacher, I am patient, encouraging, enthusiastic, and dedicated to the long-term development of each child. “When love is deep, much can be accomplished” – Shinichi Suzuki

Suzuki’s method is modeled after how we learn our native language in the first few years of life. Given a nurturing environment, every child can learn to play the violin!

img_1333In the beginning, children learn by ear which allows them to develop physically, with healthy posture and technique, as well as cognitively, with strong memorization and aural skills. Just like with language acquisition, learning to read music comes later.

Parent/guardian involvement is key to your child’s progress as a violinist! We will work together to cultivate growth in your child’s development. A consistent parent is required to attend lessons to take notes and oversee daily at-home practicing.

To inquire further about lessons, please contact me via email:  keboltax@gmail.com